Sunday, May 30, 2010


我觉得,我好像真的爱上了她了,而不像以前那样 tidak apa 要分就分那潇洒的态度。

Sunday, May 23, 2010

blog blog n blog

blog blog blog
long time didnt update blog d.
dunno wan to write what? emo? happy?
gf? family? friend?
anything to write???

Friday, April 2, 2010


i become mummy accidently
it was so so so funny
and i was not allow to say it out much!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My money!!!

Friday , 12 feb , 2010
8 something in the night , i been bluff by a top steam cheater
she come sunshine square n said she didnt eat whole day but jus ate 5 tiny small bao
thn me n pung how bring her to market beside sunshine square
n that time i jus got rm30 left , after i brought firecrackers n reload thn left no money
but she took my wallet n bluff me to take my money from atm that left

rm23.01 !!! n force me to took rm10 from the rm23.01 !!
and wan me to treat her in secret recipe!!
to buy her a chocolate cheese cake!
i wish i could maintain the rm23.01 in the atm
but she bluff my money!!!
ohh..... sob
rm10!! rm10!! ah!!!!

she is the "top steam cheater"
beware of her
her name is choo yen peng aka steam pig
age 19
hometown penang
studying in disted

Friday, November 6, 2009


i dunno i should happy or not.
suddenly my blog turn so famous.
n also my blog appeared so many weirdo personnel

i would like to have a peaceful life as said by "PC"
this rumors tell me that , this world got too many people that too free , lame , idiot n not yet mature.

To: pc
i wan to praise u !
u gt ur guts !
u dare to honest !
i like u !
i dunno u stand belong to whr.
jus stop this nonsense ^^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


all the rumors spread all aroud the world.
try to crush every1 though by passing through their ears...

every1 , i cant control ur brain , ur ears n ur mouth.
think before what u wan to say?
think that who u will hurt accidentally or purposely ?
kinda bored will those stuff.
keep come n kacau me only.
so annoying.

TO: some1 that hate me so much.
u hate me? yea?! get lost lah! y still come n read my *idiot blog* for u?
u happy?
thn i have no comment for u.
jus come n scold me infront of me pls.

TO: my friends that keeping support me!
i love u ! fot chor kar chi ( god blessing )
i so glad i still got u all supporting me!
touch ka bui si er! haha

TO: my new friends that not so well know me.
i did something really bad before.
n kinda complicated n sometime i also dunno what i make them dont like me.
in conclusion , i not a good guy before.
can said as play boy? or more worst
i not going to force u all to be my friends.
sure lah , i wan u all to be my friends.

i would like to get opinion from u all.
should i restrict my blog? or keep it public.
to show to my "haters"
jus leave some comments will do.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


wan to write what neh?
too free d ...
jus saw the shoutxmix thr.
some1 scolded me.
but quite funny 1 hahahah!
a normal day , went to sch thn go gurney
thn redbox wit classmate
1 of them jus break wit her bf...
so sad... wish her good luck .
thn went gurney drive eat laksa... talk nonstop nonsense ahhh
quite funny 1....